How to Travel to Japan on a Budget

Coming to Japan is intense because everybody knows that everything in Japan is expensive. In fact, you can hardly find cheap items in Japan. But, no matter how expensive it is to visit the country. Still, many travelers from different countries come to Japan, especially during their Cherry Blossom Festival. That’s when you can find from people’s walls various photos taken with the pink flowers of this tree in their background.

Aside from that, there are lots of special and delicious Japanese delicacies to enjoy. So, this is one of the things that you won’t surely miss in Japan. And then, you won’t surely stop yourself from buying various souvenir items and foods to carry back home. But, when on a tight budget, those are the things that you must learn to manage.

Before coming to Japan, you will surely apply for a single entry tourist visa. You are lucky if you will be granted with a multiple entry type of tourist visa to Japan because that is valid for five years. Anyway, once all documents are submitted and verified, pay the fee and then, you will be granted a tourist visa to Japan. [Read more…]