Top Things to do in Hue City! How to Travel?

Vietnam is full of cities rich in tourist destinations. You may go to the north, south and central part of the country. And then, you will see that there is much waiting for you. You can find islands, rivers, bays, beaches, canals, buildings, parks, pagodas, shrines, temples, museums, mountains and caves in the tourist spots. So, if you are coming for a very short visit, then time is not enough.

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What about coming to the central part of Vietnam? You can find here the city of Hue along the banks of the Perfume River or Huong Giang. You can experience the dry season from the months of March to August. And then, from the months of August to January, you will experience the rainy season. From the months of January to February, you will experience the spring season. So, if you have plans to visit Hue City, then you better check the season. Of course, it would be best to come during the spring or dry Season. [Read more…]