Top Things to do in Hue City! How to Travel?

Vietnam is full of cities rich in tourist destinations. You may go to the north, south and central part of the country. And then, you will see that there is much waiting for you. You can find islands, rivers, bays, beaches, canals, buildings, parks, pagodas, shrines, temples, museums, mountains and caves in the tourist spots. So, if you are coming for a very short visit, then time is not enough.

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What about coming to the central part of Vietnam? You can find here the city of Hue along the banks of the Perfume River or Huong Giang. You can experience the dry season from the months of March to August. And then, from the months of August to January, you will experience the rainy season. From the months of January to February, you will experience the spring season. So, if you have plans to visit Hue City, then you better check the season. Of course, it would be best to come during the spring or dry Season.

What will you do in Hue City?

You can come to Hue City, you may travel by plane, train, bus, private car, taxi or motorbike. You can always choose the means of transportation that you prefer, depending on your place of your departure.

Visit the Imperial Citadel or Dai Noi

The Imperial Citadel is the primary tourist attraction in Hue City. You can find here museums, pavilions, galleries and even costumes from the past. The site was damaged due to the wars. So, restoration of some parts is still on going.

Upon entering the Imperial Citadel from the south, you will find the Ngo Mon. It has a gate, which is used to enter the Imperial Closure.

The Thai Hoa Palace is also here, which is the coronation hall of the emperor.

The Truong Sanh Residence or the Palace of Longevity is also here. This is the home of the mother of King Tu Duc.

You will find the Forbidden Purple City behind the Thai Hoa Palace.

And then, you can see the Hue Jungle Crevice, where prisoners were tied up and pushed over the cliff of the crevice.

Explore the Past Emperor’s Tombs

These tombs are located in the southern part of the city. It is just along the banks of the Perfume River. It would be best to go for a boat rental for a better experience.

Gia Long tomb

  • Gia Long Tomb

Tomb of the first emperor.

  • Minh Mang Tomb

It has an east to west axis buildings, has a courtyard with warrior statues, pavilions and temples.

  • Thieu Tri Tomb

The most loved emperor.

  • Tu Duc Tomb

It has pavilions and temples made of wood. You can also find here the tombs of the wives and courtesans.

  • Dong Khanh Tomb

The entrance gate and the façade of the temple are the only accessible area.

  • Khai Dinh Tomb

It has statues, dragon mosaics and statues. There is also a small temple on the tomb’s right side. You just need to go straight the hill.

Discover Other Tourist Attractions

Hue Sign

You can find an I Love Hue Sign along the banks of the Perfume River.

The Thien Mu Pagoda

The Thien Mu Pagoda or Elderly Celestial Woman is overlooking the Perfume River. It has a Buddha housed with fine gold and also silver.

The Thanh Toan Bridge

This is a bridge made of wood. This is a great spot for you to observe the rural life in Hue City.


They have an institute, where blind people do the massage.

Hot Spring or Spa

It has hot spring pools and swimming pool.

Have fun in the Alba Thanh Hot Springs

You can find this relaxing place. Especially swimming on a hot spring. And then, you may also enjoy the high wire, the zip line and other water games.

Those are the things that you do in Hue City. But, I suggest you to move around on foot or rent a bicycle. In such way, you can explore more of the city. The people are friendly and hospitable anyway. So, you better be nice to them and show respect. This is the best behavior that you need when you are dealing with strangers.

And then, to have the best experience visiting the tombs. I suggest you to rent a boat and cruise the Perfume River. You will surely feel the different ambience because of the scent from falling flowers.

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