What city should I visit in Asia?

When it comes to tourist destinations, one of the most visited continent is Asia. Tourists from different countries come here at any time of the year because it is affordable. And then, wherever you go in Asia, you will not regret for the money you spent because the tourist sites are remarkable and noble.

Anyway, as a tourist, you will not only think about how much you are spending. But, you really look at how beautiful and amazing the place is. If Asian countries are often visited by millions of tourists, then Asia is indeed a destination full of surprises, discovery, history and exploration.

Top cities that are famous in Asia

Hanoi, Vietnam

Do not miss coming to the city of Hanoi, Vietnam. This is an ideal site for tourists, who would love to discover history and mixed architectural designs. You can also find here the tombs of Ho Chi Minh and then, the prison of the Hanoi Hilton for a very affordable entrance fee.

Hoi An, Vietnam

Hoi An Travel

Another tourist attraction in Vietnam is in the city of Hoi An. The place is famous because it is said to be the Old Town with a fishing village in a Chinese style. It is actually announced as a UNESCO Heritage Site. Aside from that, you can also find here various fresh farm crops, the Bia Hoi beer that is really very affordable and the cheapest in the world.

Chiang Mai, Thailand

One of the most visited cities in Asia is Chiang Mai, which is located in the northern part of Thailand. If you come to this place, you can find the Ping River, flowing along the highest mountains in Thailand. Therefore, it is also a city, where you can enjoy trekking and relaxing in the hot springs.

The city is known for its significant culture, so it is ideal to witness the festivals. You can also find here over 300 temples, practicing Buddhism. So, expect to have a more peaceful and quiet city because you are very far from the busy life of Thailand’s capital city.

Phuket, Thailand

In the southern part of Thailand, you will find diverse islands. In fact, Phuket is the largest among the islands. This is an ideal city to visit, especially during the summer season. You can find here various beach resorts, diving spots and nightlife. You can even get a massage along the beach. Can you imagine how relaxing it is?

Penang, Malaysia

If you are coming to various countries just to grab a taste of their delicious delicacies, then you must come and visit the city of Penang in Malaysia. This city is also called as the Pearl of the Orient. Here, you can surely feel relaxed because of the delicacies that Malaysians cook. China and India’s colonization and migration have influenced their cuisine. Therefore, mouth watering food was produced. But, of course, you may also come and visit the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion, climb the Penang Hill and check out the Temple of the Supreme Bliss.

Siem Reap, Cambodia

It is in the city of Siem Reap, Cambodia, where you can find a very old temple called, Angkor Wat. It is more than 900 years old temple and scattered in a jungle measuring 600 square miles. And then, it is also considered as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site.

Beijing, China

Another World Heritage Site that UNESCO announced is the Great Wall of China, which is in the city of Beijing. The Great Wall was also considered as one of the 7 Wonders of the World. In fact, if you are on the outer space they said that the Great Wall is visible. It is not only because of its greatness, but also its long enough to be noticed when you are on a top view. Another site to visit is the Forbidden City, where you will surely understand China’s history.

Boracay, Philippines

In the southern part of the Philippines, just about 320km far, you can find Boracay. This is a small island, where you can find various white sand beaches. It is an ideal place to visit for s perfect summer getaway. You may come to the Yapak Beach, which is popular for its white shells; the White Beach that is famous for its amazing and elegant sunset; and the Wiley’s Rock with the Virgin Mary’s statue on top of a volcanic creation.

Those are some of the top cities that you may choose from if you would like to have a tour in Asia. It might be tough to select a city to visit, so grab your chance and visit them with a friendly and affordable tour packages.

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